Monday, 23 May 2011

Raynalds Mansion, Much Wenlock

On a recent visit to Much Wenlock in sunny Shropshire I saw this building, Raynalds Mansion, on the High Street. Although one of the window frame carries the names of 'John and Mary Raynalds 1682' as far as I can find out the core of the building is actually a lot older. The building opposite for instance, The Talbot Inn, dates from 1360. I was particularly impressed by the purely decorative geometric patterns created by the wood work.

If I ever get the time I'd like to attempt to make a scale model of this building. I'm sure it would make an eye-catching addition to my meagre collection.


  1. Nice pics!

    Definitively, this building is very inspirational...


  2. It would be some undertaking, that's some building.

  3. I'll put this done on my Too-Do list of visits and models.


  4. I'll look forward to seeing that Tony. Would make a fascinating model.