Monday, 12 March 2012

Alumwell Wargaming Show (WMMS) 2012

Last Sunday was an unusually warm and bright spring day here in the sunny West Midlands. So what better way than to spend a few hours before the local pub's beer garden opens than to look at (and buy a fair few) hundreds and thousands of figures and models. Sad but true. This is the closest event to where I live (exactly ten miles according to Google). The venue, oddly called 'Aldersley Leisure Village' is actually a modern sports hall just to the north east of Wolverhampton. Parking is free if you can find a spot. I also got to meet up with Pensnett Model Makers Society, who I hadn't managed to see at all this year due to personal and financial reasons.
A number of games caught my eye but in my buying frenzy I forgot to take more photos. Here are a few of the ones I did remember to take.

Shrewsbury Wargames Society always put on excellent terrain This always appeals to my model making interests.
Shrewsbury Wargames Society
Shrewsbury Wargames Society
Shrewsbury Wargames Society
Shrewsbury Wargames Society
Shrewsbury Wargames Society
Shrewsbury Wargames Society
Wyrley Retinue's 30 Years War Battle of Steinkirche,
Wyrley Retinue's Battle of Steinkirche
Wyrley Retinue's Battle of Steinkirche
Wyrley Retinue's Battle of Steinkirche detail
Wyrley Retinue's Battle of Steinkirche detail
In no particular order here's list of what we purchased (and I don't think this is even a complete list):
Knuckleduster Miniatures - '1812 The American War' range:
Canadian Voltigeurs,
Glengarry Light Infantry,
Glengarry Light Infantry Command,
US Frontier Militia Officers,
US Frontier Militia Musicians and Flagbear,
US Artillery Crew,
Gen Brown & Colonial Gardiner,
US Mounted Colonels
Baccus 6mm Franco Prussian War:Bavarian Infantry Booster Pack
Imperial French Infantry Booster Pack
Western Europe Large House

Crooked Dice:Timelift Security (not Captain Scarlet)
Federated Security (not Federation troops from Blake's Seven)
The Men from Tomorrow (not the Prisoner)

Fireforge Games:
Teutonic Knights (hard plastic box set)

Trent Miniatures:
Prince Rupert

Perry Miniatures:Yorkist command & Warwick on foot,
Liveried Billmen,
Men at arms/Knights standing with polearms,
Pack of Bills,
Mercenaries WoTR box set,
Woodland Indians Stockbridge tribe

Foundry Miniatures:Mean Machine (2000AD
Torquemada (2000AD)
Tech Judge (2000AD)
Fink Angel (2000AD)
Chief Judge McGruder (2000AD)

Menacing Monsters:
Saye and Sales Regimental flag

Various horse colours
Navy Blue

I wouldn't normally list purchases but I'm curious how many of these projects I'll complete (or even start) before next years show.

For more (and better quality) photos take a look that these sites.
Belisarius show report - I had actually recognised Belisarius from the latest issue of Battlegames that I had received the previous day. His figures feature on the cover. I'm afraid I must have given the poor chap the impression I was a mad stalker.

Will's Wargaming Blog

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I did actually take more photos but I'll be posting these eventually onto the Pensnett Model Makers Society blog page.

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  1. Great pictures (love the look of the pirate game) and my word what a list. Teutonic knights and an Allosaurus! Sounds like my sort of shopping list.