Thursday, 22 March 2012

Necrons, Games Workshop - Part 6 of 9

Last but not least, this is the final figure which I was 'forced' to modify. I made the left arm from spare plastic sprue.

The right hand and base of the gun was taken from a spare ACW arm. At first I made the gun in the style of a double barrel shotgun but this didn't 'look' quite right so I stuck another two barrels on top. Again this looked too basic. Seeing a circular moulding on a sprue I thought this could look like an ammo magazine case. I decided to place the case on top to look like an old Gatling gun rather than underneath like a Thompson sub-machine gun.

This set is now more or less complete. The only thing left now is to fit the green plasma barrels and finish with a protective varnish.


  1. Sorry getting into this a little late but the necron revamp has peaked my interest, nice work....

  2. Another great solution; looking forward to seeing them altogether in the closing posts.