Friday, 27 April 2012

Pirate Ogre Fisherman, the Build - Part 2 of 6

A fisherman character obviously needs a fishing rod. After a great deal of pondering and false starts I found this two-handed weapon which would prove idea for the actual rod itself.
Fishing Rod (well almost)

The ogres right hand removed and initially covered with Milliput, but I don't think I mixed it correctly as it didn't set so I later replaced it with greenstuff.

Initial Mock Up
Note the use of Blu-Tac to position the hands and arms. This is because I still hadn't determined the final design of the mechanism and thus the final position of the limbs.

I had initially thought of using the 'chicken on a hook' part that appears on one of the ogre sprues, intending to show it as being used for bait. However, I occurred to me the fishing rod could be used as a weapon if it had a decent, and big enough, attachment such as a ball and chain. But seeing as they are pirates it seemed more appropriate to use a bloomin' great big anchor. They had cropped up on my previous ogre pirates in the form of belly plate details and tattoos etc. "What a jolly good idea" I smugly thought to myself but the realisation that I hadn't a clue how to make one quickly wiped that smile off my face.

First I thought to get a piece of plastic rod and heat it over a candle/tea light and bend it form the right shape. There are a few drawbacks to this method as I've discovered in the past. It's actually quite difficult to control the amount of bend without melting the plastic completely and dripping hot molten plastic onto your lap or even setting fire to your home (remember kids, I've made these stupid mistakes so you don't have to!).
Ogre sprue - white lines indicate the cut lines.
Staring at the sprue, (which I often do to pass the time of day) I suddenly noticed the curved corner section. Hurrah, it would be perfect. On the same piece of sprue I then quickly spotted another section that would form the body of the anchor. The white lines indicate the part of the sprue that would make up the main body of the anchor.
Curved corner section. The sprue is trapezoidal in section so needed to be scraped with a blade and sanded to round off the plastic.
Anchor shaft
The picture above showns a similar section of the sprue that made up the 'T' piece that forms the anchor shaft. Note the liberal use of greenstuff to fill in gaps and add the pointed prongs to the end of the anchor arms.
Anchor Eye
The eye of the anchor where the chain would eventually link round was taken from another spare ogre piece.


  1. Very clever conversion work going on here methinks!

  2. Gonna have to do a vid on these dude - you should start you own channel. These would be really popular - even in slide show format with commentary. Great work! Ade