Monday, 30 April 2012

Pirate Ogre Fisherman, the Model - Part 3 of 6

This stage is where the model itself all came together. I cut the anchor shalf into two pieces and glued both parts into position on the right hand.

Fishing Rod Greenstuff

Note the crude left-handed mechanism. This is the benefit of trying a dry fit (i.e. using Blu-Tac rather than glue) first. A right-handed (i.e. standard) winding mechanism would have meant the handle would point towards the belly plate and made the 'centre' of the model look far too busy and cluttered.
Fishing Rod Mechanism
Handle is made from sprue and the cut-off handle from an ogre club.

The chain mechanism is another item from Ade's spares box. The chain itself is a standard product available from any decent model or hobbycraft shop.
The eyelets for the chain were made from a paperclip bent to form a loop. This was surprisingly difficult to achieve, I had to eventually resort to using a pair of round nose pliers. I drilled small holes into the rod and glued them into place. Greenstuff was then used to cover the joints and made to look like leather strapping by simply scoring the greenstuff with a scalpel and scribe. Fortunately the rough nature of my manufacturing technique fits in ok with the ogre pirate ogre 'look'.

The base now covered with sand. Wood glue was applied all over the base and then sand was poured over and left overnight. These pirate ogre bases have all been kept deliberately plain and uncluttered.


  1. Really taking shape now and what a wondrous shape it is too! Can't wait for more.