Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Spearmen (Men-at-Arms with shield), Crusader Miniatures

These miniatures are the latest in my on going Cry Havoc/Siege project. These four figures are taken from the late Crusades range by Crusader Miniatures, pack - 'Men-at-Arms with spear + shield' (MCF030) although you'll need to supply your own wire spears. There are the usual four pairs of identical twins per pack.
Crusader Miniatures MCF030 - Men-at-Arms with spear + shield

All four of the shields carried by the spearmen are genuine, historic heraldic designs. Three of these shields are based on medieval floor tiles from Shaftesbury Abbey mentioned in an earlier post. I will detail the family heraldry used on the shields when I post the relevant mounted knight figures, one is already painted and is waiting in the photography queue.

I've kept to very simple geometric patterns as I haven't plucked up the courage to attempt any heraldic animals such as lions and griffins etc.

The gambeson (padded jack or arming doublet) was painted to resemble natural, undyed linen or wool.

I have sixteen of these spearmen figures in total, but I have already used some to depict two other types of soldiers for the Cry Havoc and Siege project, both of which I intend to post very soon.


  1. Wow! These look superb; really like the shield designs, nut the whole ensemble is just perfect.

  2. You seem to be on a roll here! That's fast and good painting there.

  3. Great looking figures, especially the shields

  4. Have a look at Magister Militum's 'fantasy range' (25mm). They have some figures based on the illustrations from the Cry Havoc counters.

  5. Lovely painting especially the shield work!

  6. Thanks for the comments. There will be a few more knights coming soon which I think you'll all like.

    @drustry - thanks for that info, I'll have to check out their figures.


  7. Looks great and shield work is lovely!