Monday, 10 December 2012

(Bargain) Medieval Tents

These model tents are based on an idea which I blatantly stole was inspired to try in order to make my own versions after reading a post on Pauls Bods excellent blog. The original post can be found here. For my version I used cardboard rather than paper (actually the packaging from various boxes of plastic miniatures).

A quick Google ("All Hail") Image search normally protrays of medieval tents as having an alternate two colour style but I was curious if this was historically accurate. I had a rummage through a couple of my reference books and I noticed that the few contemporary illustrations of medieval tents, that I could find, had quite ornate decorations which I have tried to replicate in the two tents detailed below.

The painting is quite crude but I completed both of them in less than a hour to help past the time. Despite using the paper template I now think my initial efforts (below) were too big but were still useful practise pieces.

Future efforts will be tweaked slightly. I intend to double the number of sides so the tents resemble the ones I've seen in my reference books. I will also add an open flap (none the examples above have one) and attempt to give one a more accurate (and more difficult) paint job. Once I'm happy with the results I'll post a quick tutorial. I realise it's far easier and quicker to purchase and paint plastic/resin models but in this day and age the option of creating something for free out of scrap is always a nice alternative to have available.