Thursday, 21 March 2013

WWI re-enactment, BCLM

A few weeks ago I visited the nearby Black Country Living Museum (BCLM) specifically to see two WWI re-enactment societies (The Warwicks 1914-1918 and the The Great War Society) that attended giving displays, demos etc. My dad used to work at the museum so as a family we used to have free access to the site but I decided to pay the cash for a ticket as it is then valid for a whole year.



I've deliberately altered the photos, obviously removing the colour but I've also softened the images to try and evoke period photographs. In a style reminiscent of Stalin's photograph altering censorship I have also (very crudely) removed all the other non-costumed visitors from the photographs via the magic of computer software.


All the members I spoke to are all very knowledgeable, definitely worth seeing if them are appearing or attending at a event near you.
The BCLM itself provided a very atmospheric setting for the groups. The buildings at the museum have all been taken down brick by brick (literally) from the local area and then been rebuilt on this site.


  1. This was most excellent. Worth the trip for sure. I'm wondering if we still have any WWI vets living today.

    1. Thanks Anne,

      Unfortunatly, the last combat veteran was Claude Choules, Royal Navy, who died 5th May 2011, aged 110.

      The last fighting Tommy (who served in the trenches) was Harry Patch who died on 25th July 2009, aged 111. The officer in the photo in front of the pub was actually part of the honour guard for him. He was also a pall-bearer for another veteran Albert (“Smiler”) Marshall.

      As far as I know there are no more living WWI veterans.

  2. Really nice photos and well done on the manipulation.

  3. I like the photos and you did well with the ageing process!

  4. Great pics! They look excellent with the sepia effect as well.

  5. What a fabulous day out and cracking reference material too.

  6. Nice photos and having just been plunging into some good reads of WWI history, the images were most compelling.

  7. Thanks for all the comments. Hopefully I'll be able to post some painted figures on here soon (when I can find the time).


  8. Excellent, as a member iof the GWS (currently on sabbatical) this is great to see, BCLM is a great location for photos like this, have taken a few myself.