Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Battered/Casualty markers

Following on from a previous post - details (here) these are also markers for use with the game of Lion Rampant. These indicate a unit has been 'battered' i.e. one that has failed a courage test. Specific markers aren't actually necessary, you can simply use a small stone, die or something similar but I prefer the aesthetic of having a suitable looking model on the table.

These have been made from a combination of spare weapons from the FireForge Games Teutonic Knights plastic box set and the Gripping Beast plastic 'Dark Age Warriors' box set (one of the most versatile sets of figures I've come across in terms of time periods it can be used for).

The hands and arms have been removed from the weapons as I don't particularly want to represent the gore of a real battlefield. The abandoned helmets are simply spare heads from various plastic FireForge sets with any human element removed or hollowed out with a drill bit and scalpel.