Wednesday, 27 August 2014

King Edward I, Ebob Miniatures

I won this impressive figure in a competition run by Burkhard, a short while ago. His entertaining blog can be found (here). I've been fortunate to won quite a few comps this year but this may because I actually entered them in the first place. Now this may sound like stating the bleedin' obvious (it is) but I'm constantly surprised by how many people who don't actually follow that simple advice and then moan that they never win anything. The phrase "you've got to be in it to win it" is blatantly apparent.
This figure bares a strong resemblance to the late, great actor Patrick McGoohan, who played Edward I in the film Braveheart (a term that was originally applied to Robert Bruce and not William Wallace so the least said about that film the better). The figure is from Ebob Miniatures and is part of their Rebellion range. The detail on the model is excellent, especially the lions on the caparison.

Ebob make several interesting miniatures for this period including a number of options for William Wallace. In the same range is a 'Wallace of Ellerslie' figure which is based on the main character in the film Braveheart and is therefore only really suitable for a fantasy figure but there is also a set of figures, mounted and dismounted, called 'Sir William Wallace (Guardian of Scotland)' which are far better historically and aesthetically. The dismounted figure reminded me of a full size model of Wallace in Stirling (?), its been many years since I visited Stirling so this may not even exist any more. 
Burkhard kindly left the base blank so that it could be finished it to match my other figures.
This figure of Edward will (hopefully) see next see action putting the wind up any Welsh forces foolish to face him in future Lion Rampant games.