Thursday, 9 April 2015

Cheap Plastic Police Cars, Poundland

I bought these plastic toy cars from one of the many value and discount/thrift stores that proliferate in most English high streets. I state Poundland in the title but it could possibly have been either Poundstretcher, 99p Stores or a BM store (I made these up months ago and have forgotten exactly where I purchased them from). For those unaware these shops differ from charity shops as they don't sell second hand goods to benefit charities but generally offer cheaper items such as toiletries and cheap toys in bulk. They are what my nan would have probably referred to as a 'cheap tat' shop. Think Toblerone from the pound shop is a bargain? Well you're actually getting one less chocolate triangle than the standard pack -  so you really do get what you pay for.
After Wilko (another large UK chain store) shops such as these have become, for me at least, a main source of modelling and wargaming material. You can occasionally spot a complete bargain if you keep a look out.

It was on a scouting mission to such a shop that I spotted a pack of three white plastic police cars (actually labelled S.W.A.T). I thought they might make a useful addition to futuristic terrain for use with games such as Deadzone.
Interior Detail
Interior Detail

I first thing I noticed after unpacking these was how soft the plastic was. I washed two of the cars in soapy water to remove the sticky decals. I won't go into detail about the various additions but I did add a small steering wheel and hand brake, made from a paper clip, just the give the interior some interest.

The glass window screens were made from scraps of clear plastic and fixed into position with a hot glue gun. This seemed to be the only thing that would work on this particular plastic.
Model on the right shows the toy in it's original state.

Bearing in mind that they were just cheap plastic toys I gave them a simple finish, painted the panels black and white to indicate they were used be a security force.

As usual I think I spent far too much time and effort into these models but considering they only cost 33p each I'm happy with the results. I'm tempted to use the last model and create a burnt out wreck but that will have wait whilst I get back to making/painting proper models and figures.

And now for a few shots to show the scale of the cars. The first showing a figures from tge Copplestone 28 future wars range (I think) and secondly a more appropriate Enforcer figure from Mantic's Deadzone.