Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Seedy townhouse No1, Papercraft building

Blimey, April already! I've had an unusually busy start to the first quarter of the year (sounds scary when you put it that way) but I have also been modelling and painting so there should be a few more regular posts shortly. We also managed to have a short break in the East Midlands (more on this in later posts).

Anyway back the blog proper, following on from previous results using a papercraft model I found this model building shown here via Google Images. Probably the best quality free download I've seen so far online, this one is called the 'Seedy townhouse No1.' created by Peter Fitzpatrick.

The download can be found on the following page:

The construction is relatively straight forward although take care when making the overhang section as you have to score the paper on the reverse in order for it the fold in the proper direction. Again I made an internal frame from corrugated cardboard to give the model some rigidity.