Friday, 31 July 2015

Long Lost Friends, Warlord Games

In the (electronic) post today I received the latest newsletter from Warlord Games (click [here] for the link) and noticed a few figures that looked familiar.

One of the articles advertises Pike & Shotte Star Fort [here] which shows a bunch of brave/daft Scots Covenanters attacking the fortification. I recognised them because I happened to paint them for Warlord a few years ago. It feels like bumping into long lost chums that you haven't seen in ages.
It's nice to see they are still getting a run out. They must be popular because they also popped up on the back of the plastic ruined hamlet box a while ago which can be seen [here]. The yellow saker cannon which can be glimpsed in one of the photos was also one of mine which you can see/buy [here].

If you want to see vastly inferior quality images some can be found [here] and [here] from my blog.

If you want to see images of a real sconce click [here]. The Queen's Scone in Newark is probably the best preserved Civil War fortification to be seen in the UK.

If you want to see images of a tiny (miniature) sconce click [here] and [here].

I haven't painted any ECW figures for quite a few years now but this may have just tempted me to get a few more units back on the work bench and hence onto the tabletop.

I don't work for Warlord but if you don't blow your own trumpet then who will? ;)