Wednesday, 23 September 2015

This Day in History 23rd September

Just to reassure loyal readers that I'm still alive, here are a few images of sites of battles that occurred on this day in history, the Battle of Blore Heath (1459) and the Battle of Powick Bridge (1642). Both battlefields are relatively unchanged (especially Blore Heath). Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures and go into more detail about the areas when I get the opportunity. There are embedded links, the text bits in brackets i.e. [link], if you want more information.

The [Battle of Blore Heath] was the first major engagement between proper armies during the Wars of the Roses which saw an outnumbered Yorkist force defeat a substantial Lancastrian army led during the latter stages of the battle by Lord Dudley [Lord Dudley's banner]. More details can be found on the official site [Bloreheath]. It was also the scene where I very nearly got trampled flat by cattle (probably turncoat Lancastrians as they were on that side of the stream and they may recognised our Dudley accents, which curiously reflected what happened during the real battle). 
Blore Heath
The Battle of Powick Bridge is probably not as well known as the later Battle of Worcester but it could be argued that Powick was the place that saw the start and end of the English Civil Wars.

Powick Bridge
Powick Church
Fans of the ECW period should keep an eye out on this blog as I have a number of future posts dealing with that particular era.