Thursday, 15 October 2015

Chicken Coop, Warbases/Too Fat Lardies

This terrain piece was an impulse purchase, picked up from the Warbases stand at the Derby World Wargames show. This company have a growing reputation for making innovative laser cut MDF products and providing excellent service but is the first time I've actually bought anything from them. Excluding a few telegraph poles this is the first time I've made a MDF structure. Pottering around shows I try and keep an eye out for small pieces that are cheap, will enhance the tabletop and that can be used for multiple periods. This model piece fits that criteria perfectly. 
Note metal chickens come with the kit.
The package was branded as a Two Fat Lardies/Warbase product, perhaps better known for their rule sets. This came as a surprise as I didn't realise they sold their own branded goods such as this.
The pieces separated from the frame very easily and fitted together without any issues. There are no instructions provided but the construction is simple enough to work out as you go along. The model can be glued together using standard PVA wood glue.
The kit comes with two pieces of textured card that makes up the roof sections, this is a nice touch as it covers up the joints that can be seen in the previous photos. 
Another nice touch, but something I didn't notice until after returning home, is that a small rooster and hen are also supplied with the kit. This was, of course, after I'd bought a small group of feathered friends at the show to dress the piece. My extra bird models will probably make their way on (or in) to a pond model I plan to make in the near future.

A very nice little kit, this took about ten/fifteen minutes to glue and fit together. You could just leave the model in its natural form but a simple paintjob will enhance it considerably. At £3, what I would consider a pocket money kit, this makes an attractive additional piece of terrain to any tabletop.

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