Sunday, 15 March 2009

Modified Figures - Episode IV (a new hope) Confederate Bugle player

With this figure I wanted to have an alternative to the drummer that is offered in the box. Using a part from the Perry ACW cavalry box I trimmed the cords away from the bugle and drilled out the solid horn and mouthpiece. Wanting the instrument to look slightly battered I didn’t smooth out my tooling marks. The right arm for this figure was relatively easy to modify because separate single limbs are available from the spruce. However the left arm is a different matter. For both the bugle and flag bearer (coming soon) I chopped and changed the standard firing arm poses, removing and repositioning the left hand.

Top - Bugle and right arm straight from the sprue
Bottom - Trimmed down bugle and hollowed out horn.

Mock up of the figure. I find it useful to use white tack (less 'greasy' than the blue type) in order to get the 'look' of the figure right before gluing into position. Although looking at it now I might have to trim down the thumb of the left hand unless I try to claim he's a direct ancestor of the Fonz "Aaaay" (sorry, couldn't resist).

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