Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Modified Figures – Episode VI

Not sure if this really counts as a modified figure as there only slight alterations but here goes:
To compliment the Major James Conner figure mentioned in the Modified Figures II http://ubique-matt.blogspot.com/2009/02/modified-figures-episode-2.html posting I thought it would be possible to group several miniatures together, based on the Hook illustration of
Hampton’s Legion in the Brassey's History of Uniforms American Civil War: Confederate Army book. The picture shows accompanying soldiers dressed in ragged clothing. One is shown sporting a green shirt which was obviously easy to replicate.

Before painting started I used a sharp scalpel and file to cut into the knee area to give the impression of torn trousers. Since this picture was taken I've repainted the shirt; I'm still trying to get the correct, more subtle, shade of green. This image was taken under quite bright artificial light, I'm still not convinced my painting technique is appropriate i.e. the shading on the trousers looks stripey. Although, saying that, the shading doesn't look that bad under normal daylight.

The only further other item needed to finish the figure will be to glue a bayonet to the end of the musket.

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