Tuesday, 17 March 2009

West Midlands Military show (WMMS)

8th March 2009

The West Midlands Military show (WMMS) is organised by Alumwell Wargames Society and is held at Aldersley Leisure centre. It was attending this same show last year that kickstarted my interest in modeling again. The show itself an interesting mix of wargames, model displays and traders. There were some impressive display games in particular one based around Stokesay Castle by a Shrewsbury club, although with some of the exhibition and participation games you do sometimes get the feeling that you’re interrupting someone else’s fun.

There was a fascinating display of real military artifacts including a jeep and motorbike. It isn’t until you handle a genuine firearm that you appreciate just how heavy they are. I picked up a M3 grease gun thinking I could handle it a spud gun and had to put it down after a few minutes.

Another positive aspect of the show was that I managed to meet up with a local model club that I'd previously known of years ago (must be 15+ years). I'd spoken to the members last year time at the show and then promptly lost their contact details.

Overall it's a good show with terrible parking, even if this year I did actually manage to park on site.



  • The Gettysburg Companion (a very impressive volume)
  • Osprey AWI Washington’s Army (1)
  • Osprey AWI Washington’s Army (2)
  • Osprey AWI British Army
  • Osprey Continental Infantry of the American Revolution


  • Great War WWI US troop command and bombers
  • Renegade WWI Stormtroopers
  • Perry Plastic French Napoleonic’s
  • Perry Agincourt dismounted men-at-arms
  • Perry ACW confederate artillery
  • Kingmaker Hussite knights & command group
  • Victirx British Centre Company
  • Wings of War Udet & Brulowski
  • Flags for the Lads AWI continental flag sheet & ACW South Carolina flag sheet.

This little lot should last me a couple of years.

After I’d given my credit card some serious damage during my two hour visit my brother & myself visited Old Moseley Hall. This National Trust house is just a few miles away from the show. Charles II rested here (i.e. literally hid under the bed) after the Battle of Worcester in September 1641. The highest small window directly above the doorway is where Charles watched the remnants of his Scottish army retreat along the (then main) road back on their long walk home.

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