Monday, 20 April 2009

Bosworth field

View south-east towards Richard's standard, Bosworth (possibly)

After visiting the Hinckley model show where I bought a few bargain second hand books and meet up with the Pensnett model club. As it was a beautiful day my brother and myself decided to travel to nearby Bosworth battlefield.

The new refurbished visitor centre is located on the traditional site of the battle but as the centre honestly admits, there are at least two other possible sites, although all of these alternative locations are all with a few miles of each other.

One of the several highlights include four life size figures in the main display that depict Richard III, Henry Tudor, a man at arms and an ordinary foot soldier.

A clever display, as you enter the main hall, allows you the handle various swords and pole arms while remaining securely fixed to the wall. Good job really, seeing how clumsy I can be. I even managed to walk into a tree later in the day.

My personal favourite display was on the opposite wall. Here it’s dressing up time again. Various authentic helmets, sallets, bevors, padded jackets and a breastplate are available to handle and wear (if you don’t mind looking like an idiot, so obviously I tried them all on). Surprisingly, after just a few minutes, I was feeling claustrophobic. Heaven only knows what it must have been like to wear and fight in all that gear on a hot summer’s day.

The standard of the visitor centre is very good. They have also kept the excellent mounted model figures of the two main protagonists and standard bearers in the main entrance. I can also recommend the ice cream available from the tithe barn, in particular the rum & raisin (massive raisins).

King Dick's Well - this monument actually dates from 1861.

View looking north towards's Richard's standard from Ambion wood.

King's field marker

Looking slightly bewildered the orange knight wears a T slot barbute and bevor.

Here the green knight wears a Bellows Visored Sallet, bevor and breastplate (yes, I am under there somewhere).

Exiting the visitor centre you enter a well stocked gift shop which carries several books of interest. I picked up a copy of Strickland. and Hardy's excellent book 'Great Warbow' for £20.

Date of visit: 19th April 2009

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