Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hartshill Castle - another obscure castle

After visiting Bosworth field we happened to pass nearby to Hartshill. I'd never heard of it. However my brother had, claiming there was a castle there. After walking round for half hour without spotting anything of interest and returning to the car via Castle Road, we spotted the castle. You might mistake it for an allotment but the castle lies parallel to the road and consists of a curtain wall and the remains of a ornate chimney.

Info from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Hartshill Castle was a castle
in the village of Hartshill on the outskirts of Nneaton, Warwickshire.
It was built as a motte and bailey
castle in the 12th century by Hugh de Hardreshull in 1125. Robert de Hartshill was killed alongside Simon de Montford in the Battle of Evesham in 1265 and the castle fell into disuse. In 1330, it was rebuilt by John de Hardreshull.

In the 16th century, Michael and Edmund Parker founded a fortified, castellated, four-gabled timber-framed manor house in the north east angle of the bailey. The greater part of the house has collapsed.

The earthworks of the castle and remains of the house are still present. The site is privately owned.

Date of visit: 19th April 2009

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