Thursday, 2 April 2009

Coventry sallet

After my car decided to self destruct and blow up on April Fool's day I had an afternoon free. My brother suggested going to Coventry as the Herbert museum and art gallery has just now been refurbished and reopened. So off we went.

Of immediate interest for me was this sallet, called appropriately the 'Coventry Sallet'.

This helmet was originally on display in the Guild Hall. Also on display at the museum are two bills, the standard arm during the middle ages for the English. There is another bill, presumably from the the same stock, still on display in situ at the Guild Hall. Typically I didn't take a picture.

According to the info panel this was possibly made in Bruges, Belgium (nee Flanders) and is now a standard type for re-enactors.

Museum reproduction (dressing up time)
Yours truely (or "A helmet wearing a helmet"). Trying the sallet on was interesting. With the visor down, my vision is very limited. In fact, to see anything I had to either tilt the sallet back Greek hoplite style or drop my chin(s) onto my chest and look up. I can easily imagine an ordinary foot soldier without the luxury of a bevor adopting this stance. The Herbert Museum & Art gallery is well worth a visit.

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