Thursday, 9 July 2009

ECW - Progress & Mod 1

Quick progress update on my latest side project, Warlord Games English Civil War (ECW) figures.

Whilst working on these plastic figures I couldn’t resist, as usual, at having a go at changing things, if only to add a little more variation. I think I’ve been quite reserved this time. Firstly this meant simply removing the manbag (I don’t think this is a proper period term but you know what I mean) on this figure’s left leg and carved the plastic to represent a baldric. All that was needed then was to glue a spare sword into position. I’ve repeated this process on several of the same type miniatures.

Unaltered figure shown in centre.

Of the total 160 figures I have to prepare and paint (which, at my current rate, will take until Christmas to complete - if I get a move on) these chaps in this picture represent approximately one third. Historically there were roughly 2:1 musketeers to pikemen although of course this wasn’t written in stone. The plastic troops shown are mainly pikemen, now ready for priming in my custom built priming tray (i.e. upturned cardboard lid from work). The pikemen’s arms, and pikes, have been left off for the moment for ease of painting.

Another small point is that if you look closely you may notice that for roughly a quarter of the advancing pikemen I've used a metal pike to replace the provided plastic ones. I'm hoping at the metal rods will provide at least some of protection for when the minis are in storage or on the field.

I decided to try and use the knitted Monmouth caps for the majority of the pikemen because this distinctive headwear was produced largely in nearby Bewdley. There is a very interesting (and free!) town museum based in the old Guildhall in Bewdley that has examples of the woollen caps you can try on and demos of clay pipe making; it’s more interesting than I make it sound, honestly. The town also has a strong connection with the War of the Roses though Edward IV. Of the four features on the town coat-of-arms three relate directly to Edward IV and the 1472 Battle of Tewkesbury.

Anyway, I’m now concentrated on preparing the musketeers. I’m also planning on chopping and changing the figures supplied with the small metal Scottish saker from Warlord Games although I only plan on replacing the headgear with something less 'Scottish'.

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