Monday, 27 July 2009

ECW Commanders & Officers

I'm still undecided about the make up of the command stands. Warlord Games provide three figures as standard on their command frame/sprue. The numbers are evened out (literally) by an extra pikeman figure on the standard infantry frame. Detailed below are a number of alterations I've made to give some variety to the command stands.

These plastics are relatively easy to modify. The chap below, on the right, is made straight from the box. His mate on the left is a simply mod. The original arm was trimmed down leaving the hand and halberd and glued to a suitable arm.

Again using the same principle, all these minis are based on a single figure. The standard one is on the far left. Mod no.1 enabled me to a have a 'real' commander with a baton although he should probably be mounted. No.2 has had his sash trimmed (I'll post another image once they're painted) and armed with a partisan instead on a flag. No.3 uses the right hand from the fifer and the spare pistol. To enable the morion helmet to fit properly I had to give the figure a severe 'haircut'.

Leaving the easiest til last - one basic model, three variations; an officer, a sergeant and a pikeman. All these mini's were made simply be swopping and changing the arms and weapons supplied in the box. I am slightly concerned by the fit of the pike or more correctly the arms, to the body. Hopefully I should be able to sort this out during the final assembly.

If I don't get distracted too much (I've already started making the Perry's farmhouse) I should start painting these miniatures soon.

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