Friday, 3 July 2009

Wargaming in Caldicot Castle

Picture of brother playing the original wargame, chess.

After returning from France late on Friday night my brother and myself had a relatively quiet weekend (for us anyway). On Sunday we bravely ventured into deepest, darkest Monmouthshire in southeast Wales to visit several place of interest. I'll be updating my other blog pages soon with the details but at Caldicot castle we chanced upon a large chess set.

Despite neither of us playing for years (just about remembered the correct moves) we both managed to have a pleasant game. Helps that the weather was lovely and the surroundings were inspiring. Despite the high levels of concentration and the large number of pieces taken my brother still managed to lose (as opposed to me winning – the result was a complete fluke). Checkmate, mate!

Date of visit: 28th June 2009

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