Friday, 2 October 2009

Newcastle’s Whitecoats update

I completed painting these Whitecoats last night (apart from the lips, it was long day and I didn’t want to the minis to look like the 18th century fops) using a slightly different technique. The white highlights were blended in. This technique is quite time consuming, i.e. the highlights are blended in using a soaked brush ‘pushing’ the paint around. Previously I’d use this method on large scale figures (1/35th, 54mm etc.). Think I’ll have to go back to using the basic highlight method, otherwise I’ll never finish this regiment never mind the army.

This regiment will consist of :
6 x 4 musketeers = 24
7 x 4 pikemen = 28
1 command group = 4

Total = 56

The extra pikemen come from the ‘spare’ plastics and the additional metal purchased recently


Musketeers (you can tell I was getting tired because the eyes started 'looking' in different directions).

Musketeer firing line, obviously there will be an additional mini on this base as and when I've painted him.

This probably won’t be the final configuration of the figures. That will be decided when the majority of the figures have been completed.

Whitecoats countdown:
10 down, 46 to go.

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  1. Great work on those faces...I'm a bit too indifferent with faces on my figures...I have to force myself to get serious with eyes and such...but it really makes a difference...particularly in the pictures.