Tuesday, 13 October 2009

ECW Whitecoats update

Blimey I've actually managed to paint some more figures this week! Must be all this sunshine we're enjoying at the moment.

Via the internet I’ve been able to look with more detail into the history of Marquis of Newcastle himself. William Cavendish was a fascinating character. The more you read about him the more remarkable he seems but I’ll post further information when I’ve completed the regiment.

A couple of weeks ago I received several items from GMB Flags (currently no website unfortunately) and, as usual I wasn’t disappointed. The Osprey illustration of the Whitecoats at Marston Moor show them carrying a red flag with small white crosses. From GMB’s catalogue description I chose ECWP41 and it was exactly what I wanted. I’ll be painting the flag bearer from the metal Pike and Shotte command pack to show him carrying the plain red Colonial’s flag (easiest one to paint!)

After numerous recent purchases the Whitecoat regiment will now consist of :
6 x 4 musketeers = 24
9 x 4 pikemen = 36
1 command group = 4

Total = 64 (yep, that figure has increased)

Last picture taken with flash.

The final set up of the figures will be different  from that shown above. I intend to mix the figures wearing the berets with figures sporting more regular head wear although they will of course be wearing white coats.

Again apologies for the quality of the images. One of the problems with taking photographs on a basic mobile phone I suppose. It doesn’t help that they are taken under artificial light as I now leave home before sunrise and return after sunset. Hopefully I’ll have completed a few more figures by the weekend when I can take better images in natural sunlight.

I'll also managed to 'liberate' a number of wooden stirrers from a well known coffee range. They are are ideal 5 x 2mm by 160mm (approx) long. I plan on using these as boarding on the sconce project so hopefully I'll be the advance that project as well over the coming week.

Whitecoats countdown:
21 down, 43 to go.

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