Friday, 9 October 2009

ECW Metal Armoured Pikeman No.1 of 4

First off from the pack of Armoured Pikemen I bought earlier in the year and now a member of Newcastle’s Whitecoats regiment. The metal pikemen provide a necessary degree of variation to the blocks of pike.

It’s easy to see why a number of people still prefer metal figures as there seems to be more detail and definition than I’ve seen with any plastic minis.

Picked up the Fire and Brimstone set from Warlord Games this morning. They actually arrived Wednesday morning but I didn’t notice the delivery amidst the junk mail. I had inquired about them at the Derby show last week but one of the Warlord chaps had forgotten to bring them along. I ‘purchased’ them there as they said they would send them post free (which is nice). Decent customer service can make a vast difference to someone’s perception of a company.

Three figures in this set include: Cleric, Ranter and a Preacher. The Preacher’s face may be difficult to paint as he has his nose in the Bible. The ranter looks familiar as I’m sure his direct descendants hanging round in Dudley town centre on Saturday mornings.

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