Saturday, 12 February 2011

Warlord Games ECW Cavalry Modifications - Part 3 of 6

Major Maxwell Silver
As the Warlord Games box set provides a warhammer on each figure sprue I used one to help depict one figure carrying a proper side arm. This involved removing the sword and filing away the hilt detail. A small hole was then drilled through the cleaned up hand. The warhammer staff was cut into two and the points sharpened so that they could be located and fixed back into the hole on the right hand. I used exactly the same method to make the one armed command figure even more distinctive.

This next alteration on the same figure is so cunningly subtle I’d forgotten I’d made it until it came to write this post. Supplied in the box set is an older style continental type helmet with a single nasal bar (also called a Zischagge or 'Dutch' pot). I simply cut the bar from in front of the face and glued it on top the helmet to give the impression that the user had adjusted the bar by pushing it upwards. It actually proved quite tricky to achieve and, unlike the other faceguard mentioned previously, I honestly don’t think it was worth the effort.

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