Monday, 14 February 2011

Warlord Games ECW Cavalry Modifications - Part 5 of 6

Major Harvey Cummerbund
For the figure shown above Greenstuff was again used to create a sash. It proved to be pretty easy to make. Normally I quickly mock up any modeling using Bluetack, then I can divide it into two in order to give me a good idea how much of the separate blue and yellow component parts of Greenstuff I’ll actually need. I’ve found this method helps prevent me from wasting too much of the modelling material as I usually wildly overestimate how much to use, a little really does go a long way.

The folds and creases were made with a sculpting tool and a metal scribing tool (or a good old fashioned wooden toothpick will do). If it does go wrong (and I can guarantee it will go wrong if I’m doing it) you can quickly pull the stuff away and start again.

The other figure on the base was one of two models that I initially forgot to remove the sword hilt from.


  1. The sash looks really good and the idea of using blue tack as a test first is genius!!