Friday, 4 May 2012

Pirate Ogre Fisherman, the Highlight - Part 6 of 6

The final step of the painting technique I employ is the 'Highlight Stage'.
Completed Ogre Fisherman
This stage is obviously when, in order to create a highlight, I normally add a little Vallejo white paint from one of their dropper bottles, or another lighter complimentary shade (with red, for instance, try orange or yellow unless you actually want pink highlights). Depending on what effect you want to achieve, it is during this stage that you can gradually build up the levels of highlight by adding increasing amounts of the lighter shade to the main colour.
I realise that my highlights often appear too harsh or stripy on my photos but under normal light conditions these look far more subtle (honestly, your Honour).

Rear View
It was at this stage I also repainted the fish tails. The previous effects didn't work at all, but with the help of Google Images (praise be) I managed to find a decent photo to copy off. The figure was then given a coat of Winsor and Newton Galeria Acrylic Satin Varnish to seal the paint. I then spray the figure with Games Workshop's Purity Seal varnish which is the only varnish I know that gives a consistently matt finish. Once dry I then finally reapply the Galeria Acrylic Satin Varnish to any 'metal' parts to give them a bit more sheen and give the model an extra contrast.
Although I wasn't entirely happy with a few details, such as where the loop in the chain is joined together (I should have used strips of greenstuff rather than that unshapely blob) overall I am pleased with how the model turned out.

Hopefully these few posts have encouraged readers to have a go at modifying or converting their own miniature. You can, if you're so inclined, produce an entirely unique set of figures. The multi-part nature of these particular range of figures really do lend themselves very well to this process.

I've hit a bit of a impasse (modeller's block?) in regard to the final figure in this pirate ogre theme mini-series so he may not appear for a while.


  1. Absolutely wonderful; a triumph Sir! Another thoroughly enjoyable and informative series, I do hope there are more to come.

  2. Great job! Really like the finishing touches you've done!

  3. Fantastic job - really a top flight mini!