Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pirate Ogre Fisherman, the Wash - Part 5 of 6

The next step is the 'Wash' (or shading) phase. This stage can to useful to cover up any mistakes made during painting in the block colours. I generally use Games Workshop washes but you can also use artist inks or even a darker shade of the 'block' or main colour used previously.
Ogre - Applied wash
Ogre - Applied wash
Flesh Wash applied over the areas painted with Tallarn Flesh. I don't apply the wash over all the flesh areas of the figure (which would give the same effect as the 'dip method'. I simply apply the was into the creases or folds of the model. If you use a table lamp during painting, simply hold the figure close to the light and turn the figure to and fro as this will exaggerate the shadows.

I often hold the figure upside down when applying this layer so that the wash will naturally flow in the area that would form a shadow.

Ogre profile - Applied wash
GW Devlan Mud wash was used to give depth to the 'leather' bindings on the fishing rod and Baal red to shade the right trouser leg.

Ogre Rear view - Applied wash
Gryphonne Sepia wash added to the snap bag.

You may note that I have painted the helmet over with a wash of gold paint. This is just a personal preference as I like the effect it achieves. I think it gives a bit of extra 'warmth' to contrast against the 'cold' look of the iron/steel colour components.

As mentioned in the previous post you could easily stop after this level of painting and still have an effective looking figure. But the next simple stage will again help finish off the model.


  1. Very impressive - I have both enjoyed and learned a lot from this series - thanks

  2. I can only echo the comment above, great stuff!

  3. When you say a gold wash over the helmet, is that just thinned down gold paint? If so, what brand? I'm lacking in my metallics, and the gold I have is an old one, and very grainy. Maybe I need to invest in better metallic paints.

  4. Really helpful set of articles.

    Bring on Part 6!

  5. I'm really enjoying this series, and the figure looks fantastic. Many thanks.

  6. Great muscle definition you obtained using the wash there dude. Can't wait to see how you're going to improve him still further! Again awesome!

  7. Thanks for comments as always.

    @ Derek, yes, I simply water down gold paint to create this wash effect. I currently use Games Workshop's 'Shining Gold' & 'Burnished Gold' paint. No idea what the new versions are called though I'm afraid. Vallejo Model Colour Gold and Vallejo Model Air Silver are also a decent paint, the metal pigments seem finer.

    However I do also use metallic inks - Winsor & Newton's Ink Gold and Silver. It depends on which bottle is nearest.