Monday, 15 July 2013

Soviet PTRD anti-tank rifle & Crew, Warlord Games

Taken from the 28mm plastic 'Soviet Infantry' set from Warlord Games this set depicts the Soviet PTRD-41  anti-tank rifle.
The PTRD-41 was the Soviet anti-tank rifle that saw service from 1941. The single-shot (14.5 dia x 114mm) weapon became less and less effective against Germany armour as the war continued.
The Warlord boxset offers a multitude of options and enables you to create unique combinations of miniatures. I thought this set was reminiscent of the old Airfix multi-part plastic 1:32 scale figures. I have modified a number of the models from the plastic boxset but haven't had the opportunity to paint them up yet.

Although the Warlord figures are better models (in terms of both scuplting and detail) than those produced by Plastic Solder Company (PSC) they also work out more expensive per figure (as always, you get what you pay for). I'll be posting a number of models from various PSC sets set over the next few days.