Thursday, 11 July 2013

Shameless brass-necked bid to win free stuff.

To celebrate the seriously impressive number of hits to his blog (1,000,000 - count 'em) Big Lee is having a give-away competition with some very good prizes (actually if I had them in my grubby hands I wouldn't give them away). At the current rate my own blog will hit the same target in March 2037 (yes I'm sad enough to sit down and work that out).

The entry rules aren't too strict. All you have to do is pop over  to his site (click here) become a 'follower', leave a comment and keep your fingers crossed. I don't even mind that it will lessen the odds of winning anything myself. Note to self - must be more ruthless in the future.


  1. Far more ruthless and stop helping blog whores like Lee.

  2. Don't sell yourself to The Man, Matt. Peace, Lentils and Stuff :O)

    Kind regards, Chris.

  3. Chris, if The Man is know as Big Lee I just want free stuff but you're right, "Vegetable rights and peace."