Monday, 22 July 2013

Soviet DP28 Light Machine Gun, Plastic Solder Company - Part 1 of 2

The DP28 or Degtyaryova Pekhotny "Degtyaryov's infantry machine gun" introduced in 1928 (hence DP28 code, the Russians had a very simple and logical method of creating their equipment codes). The pan magazine could hold 47 rounds firing at a rate of approx. 500rpm.

This effective weapon saw service throughout the WWII by both the Soviet forces and the Finnish army, which captured thousands during the Winter and Continuation Wars, and was later used in large numbers by Communist forces in Asia.
These figures are from the 28mm plastic 'Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform' set. 

The tree stump with roots was made using the same method described in a previous post (click here). It adds a little detail to what would otherwise be a relatively bland base.


  1. It is a great work! They look really good despite the fact that I read some negative critics about the quality of the figures... so a double plus to the quality of your work

    1. Thanks Anibal, these figures are worth getting if you want to bulk out your Russian horde.

  2. Nice base. These 28mm plastic kits don't look too bad.

  3. Another fearsome piece of kit Matt.

  4. Just checked out the the Russians you've been posting Matt. Absolutely superb basing - those little details really make them come alive. I agree with your comments about the PSC figures - I have a box of them myself and was wondering if they were worth doing up but seeing the results you've got inspires me to have a go. With average plastic figures it seems like its all in the presentation & finish - and a great paint job!


  5. Thanks for your comments Doc. I was told by the boss of a well known figure manufacturing company that when it comes to presenting figures it's "bases & faces" that count - which I now realise is perfectly true.