Thursday, 17 September 2009

Composition of ECW armies

Using Warlord Games miniatures I’ve chosen the following various regiments in order to give a combination of colourful displays, local relevance to the midlands, regiments I personally find interesting and historical important units.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find that much information regarding one of the main protagonists involved with the sieges & battle at Dudley castle, Parliament's William Brereton, which I would have liked to do. I have though found an illustration and descriptions of colours for the Royalist Colonel Leveson which I've drawn using a CAD package and will then paint by hand. I'll use this on either my Renegade or the forthcoming plastic Warlord cavalry.

Prince Rupert would have been very familiar with the local area, Lord Brooke was killed at the nearby siege of Lichfield 1643 and Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury was relatively local and he had an eye catching flag and his infantry wore yellow uniforms.

Royalist Regiments (colours in bracket denotes uniform colour)
Prince Rupert (blue) - one infantry box plus this regiment will have the 24 musketeers from the six box of infantry and four pikemen,
Marquis of Newcastle (white) - one infantry box plus the sixteen pikemen taken from the sixth box and other remaining spare figures,
Talbot (yellow) - one infantry box.

Parliament Regiments
Lord Brooke (purple) - one infantry box,
Manchester (green lined red) - one infantry box.

To reflect the later numerical superiority of the Parliament forces I’ll be using my numerous Renegade Miniatures to represent Fairfax’s regiment (red lined blue).

The firelocks miniatures will be painted red so they can be used be either side, as Prince Rupert’s firelock troops wore red (his regular troops worn blue apparently). On a similar note the purple uniforms of Brooke's soldiers could also be used to represent Birch’s infantry regiment. All I’d have to do is change the command block; based on information taken from the Sealed Knot website which shows they would then have a yellow flag, although from what I've read this information often has to be treated with caution.

I'm hoping that the resulting armies will make an attractive mixture of historical accurate units and a colourful display of miniatures.

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  1. I look forward to folowing this project. I've stil got an itch to create a Covenanter army from the new lastic kits.