Tuesday, 15 September 2009

ECW Colonel again or 1 down 277 to go.

Painting has begun in earnest of my ECW miniatures. The last remaining Warlord Games (WG) plastics were finally primed black last night. It seems that the preparation has going on for months now.

This Royalist officer figure (below) was completed, more or less, last night if only to show my brother that I’m actually started painting his stuff and not just endlessly chopping and changing the plastic figures. He is the same figure detailed in my previous post. He needs 'cleaning' up slightly but I hope to paint the other officers and ensigns to a similar standard.

I will, of course, in the future be painting the figures in batches of multiples of four following Adam Smith’s division of labour principle. Whenever I need inspiration I’ll take a glimpse at the goggle eyed Scot on the back of a twenty pound note. My current rate of one figure a night would see me finished by Christmas next year! I’ll need all the help I can get as I now have 278 WG miniatures comprising of:
6 x Infantry packs = 252
1 x Firelock pack = 18
Armoured Pikemen (metal) = 8

This isn’t including the artillery, Prince Rupert and his poodle or the dozen packs of Renegade ECW figures my brother bought recently. Blimey, it’s quite a sobering thought when you write the numbers down.

Allowing for some sort of social life I’ve been trying to work out approximately how long it’s likely to take me to complete this little lot. If I can produce a minimum of twenty of the bog-standard soldiers a week then I should be able to keep my brother happy and the majority the figures will be finished before (this) Christmas. Another motivation is that I want to complete the majority of the ECW plastics before the Perry’s release their plastic War of the Roses range. I can't wait!

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