Friday, 4 September 2009

ECW - Taste for Greenstuff

I seem to have acquired a taste for greenstuff, not literally of course but for adding details to figures. Initially I used it to fill in gaps around the arms and the bodies etc. I was running out of ideas for altering existing minis so I thought I'd give a bit of modelling a try. First up is a sash placed round a sargeant's midriff. Simply a rolled length of greenstuff wrapped around the figure's waist and then the creases were added using a metal scribe. I enjoyed it that much I adding another to a similar figure (yep, I really must get out more).

Whilst still in modelling mode I played about on Google images looking for uniform references. Here I chanced upon the cover for Osprey's illustration for the battle of Marston Moor. This picture shows the 'last stand' of Newcastle's famous Whitecoats wearing what I'd describe as personal shoulder bags. These, I realised, are easy to make in greenstuff with any detailing added with the scribe.

With the figure on the left, below, I tried to give the impression that the soldier had tucked his rolled up bonnet under his baldric. Looks it bit too big now but it will do for moment.
Painting of a few of the officers should start next week (honest!)

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