Sunday, 20 September 2009

Parliament Officer & Ensıgn

Another quick update on my ECW painting progress. I've almost finished this ensign, obviously he's lacking a flag (I'm eagerly waiting for a delivery from GMB Designs). He'll also be wearing a big floppy hat but I left it off at the moment as it's far easier to paint the face this way.

I was attempting to batch paint all the officer/ensign figures from the Warlord Games command sprue I have (twelve at last count). However I found this counterproductive as all these miniatures will be having various different colour schemes and I kept losing focus. Therefore I've concentrated on finishing a figure at a time.

Another almost completed figure is this Parliamentarian officer. He's currently lacking highlights and gold detailing. He's also waiting for his hat.

I'm still looking for a satisfactory colour for a buff jackets. I bought a number of Vallejo paints today at the local model show which I hope to use later this week.

These figures here are the same model as the Royalist colonel shown previously . It just shows the number of ways you can introduce variation that is only possible to achieve with plastic miniatures.

3'ish down - 275 to go.

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