Thursday, 14 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 6 of 10

One of the more complicated figures I produced for this set, but similar in principle to the first one in this series. The original weapon from the right hand was removed and the arm/hand was cut away from a standard poleaxe piece.
Red circles indicate modified areas
Red circles indicate modified areas
The small crucifix was removed from the breastplate simply to change the look. It surprising how the eye will pick up on small details such as this when similar figures are placed next to each other. 
Red circles indicate modified areas
I was running out of similar left arm pieces so had to think up an option that worked for this particular arm. The remaining left arm piece is bent and sits tight against the body which isn't normally a natural pose for someone walking. However I thought I could make it appear the figure was resting his left hand on the sword pommel which now looks more relaxed. To achieve this the pommel of the sword had to be removed in order to enable the sword to fit into position.

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