Friday, 29 May 2015

My Heroine - A real Inspirational story

Not a hobby related post but one I'll hope you'll read anyway. 'Inspirational' is an often overused word but please take a minute to read my friend's story as 'inspirational' hardly seems adequate.

Please click on the link to read her full story, one that still manages to move me to tears:

After my father very nearly died (we were told on three separate occasions by various medical staff that he wouldn't make it through the night) following a 'routine' kidney operation went wrong (no operation is really routine, despite what people may say) my perspective to my friend's experience was particularly biased.

I'm not asking anyone to donate any money to the designated charity (although if you can it would of course be great appreciated). I will however ask that, if you feel you are able, please consider registering as an organ donor. Stating the obvious, the difference you could make is often the difference between life or death for the patient. My (very) minor part in the story made me appreciate just how much hard work is involved for everyone involved, from the family to all the staff at the QEII in Birmingham.

I'm extremely thankful to a complete stranger, the donor, and just as importantly the family who gave their consent and thus gave my friend a second chance at life. They will never know just how grateful we are for their act of kindness and for that simple fact alone I'll ask you to please consider registering as an organ donor. 


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